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Tracks for rent

with the right of redemption

With us you have the opportunity to dynamically increase the transport fleet without large initial investments

The main advantage of renting tractors with subsequent purchase over conventional car loans or leasing is a simpler and faster design that does not require large initial costs. With a lease with the right of redemption, you do not need to provide documents on the profitability of your company, you do not need to provide financial documents and annual balance sheets of the enterprise, confirm an ideal credit history, etc.

Another important advantage is that you can rent not one, but several tractors at once and for a certain time you can rent more tractors and semi-trailers, thereby very quickly increasing your transport fleet and your company’s profit. Which is practically impossible with conventional leasing or car loans.

With us, you can be sure that you will receive a new, fully equipped truck with the latest software and telematics. In a word, a truck that will positively represent you and your company.

variants of tractors for rent with the right of redemption

Lease terms with the right of redemption

Rent with the right to buy new, non-mileage tractors Mercedes-Benz ACTROS, MAN TGX, DAF and VOLVO with a manufacturer’s warranty for 3 years.

Contract for 60 months , during this period you can buy the tractor at the residual value at any time.

The monthly payment amount is 1460 -1500 euros per month (depending on the brand and configuration).

Rent-to-buy is possible for companies registered in Poland. If you do not have a registered company, our transport consulting department will help you with registering a transport company and obtaining a license for cargo transportation in the EU.

We offer everything you need in one place!

Overview of advantages:

  • Rent without collateral;
  • Minimum bureaucracy: no need for financial documents;
  • The opportunity to rent new tractor trucks with the right of redemption without mileage;
  • Modern mainline tractors of various brands;
  • Modern mainline tractors of various brands
  • High flexibility: rapid expansion of the fleet without large investments.

Most often, a lease with subsequent redemption is used in cases when a tractor is needed right now, but there is no way to lease a tractor or pay its full cost.

Here are some illustrative examples when our customers took tractors for ransom:

Magistral transport

The client opened a transport company, but due to the fact that the company is new and has no financial history, leasing was refused to him and he took 2 tractors with semi-trailers for rent with the right of redemption for 60 months.

Magistral transport

The client opened a transport company and worked on his car himself, but expanded and hired another driver – an additional tractor was needed.

Magistral transport

The client had previously worked as an international driver for a Polish transport company, had impressive experience and decided to open his own business. He did not have the full amount for this, so he decided to rent a tractor and a semi-trailer with the right to buy for 48 months.

Magistral transport

The owner of a small transport company decided to increase his company’s transport fleet due to an increase in the volume of orders. He was not ready to invest a significant amount in the purchase of new equipment right away, so he rented tractors with a buyout and later transferred them to leasing.