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Обязательная замена тахографов в 2023 году

Mandatory replacement of tachographs in 2023


2023 may not be as revolutionary as last year, but there are plenty of changes ahead of us nonetheless. We will of course keep you informed of all. One of the biggest changes for carriers this year is the mandatory replacement of tachographs:

An important change in the mobility package in 2023 is the mandatory replacement of tachographs on new registered vehicles. This applies to all trucks involved in international transport. The exchange must be completedby August 21, 2023.

New generation smart tachographs will improve the automation of transport processes:

  • Automatic detection of border crossings.
  • Adding the function of logging loading, unloading or simultaneous loading/unloading, along with automatic recording of the location of this operation.
  • Possibility to update tachograph software when rules change.
  • Increase storage capacity.

At the next stages, the replacement of tachographs will concern:

Until December 31, 2024, it will be necessary to replace the tachographs on all vehicles that were equipped with tachographs before June 2019, i.e. analog and digital (not smart).

Until August 21, 2025 it will be necessary to replace tachographs on all vehicles, that have been equipped with smart tachographs 1 th generation.

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