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Hazardous goods delivery

Our company performs hazardous goods delivery all around Europe. This type of cargo delivery is probably the most responsible one because it involves materials or substances that can cause irreparable harm to the environment and to people if neglected.

All our drivers have received appropriate training and have permits for the delivery of hazardous goods; also, all our vehicles are equipped with all the necessary special equipment.

Hazardous cargo transportation photo

Types of cargo

  • Hazardous goods deliveryHousehold chemical products
  • Hazardous goods deliveryBatteries and accumulators
  • Hazardous goods deliveryPerfumery products
  • Hazardous goods deliveryFertilizers

Main customers

  • Hazardous goods deliveryWholesale trading companies
  • Hazardous goods deliveryFood producers
  • Hazardous goods deliveryRetail chains


All our vehicles have all the necessary equipment and are fit for delivery of hazardous goods delivery cargo. Each semi trailer is fitted with 33 (eu pal) exchange pallets and all the equipment needed to secure the cargo.

Curtain-sided semi trailers
90 cub. M.
  • Internal length: 13,6 m
  • Internal width: 2,45 m
  • Internal height: 2,70 m
  • Carrying capacity: 24 tons
  • All loading types: rear, side, top

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