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Container delivery

Our company performs container delivery all around Europe. Container trucks are currently in large demand thanks to their undeniable advantages. So it is only natural that containers are the main transport unit for multimodal shipping operations.

We can pick up your container from a port or a railway station and deliver it to your final destination or vice versa. We guarantee a high degree of safety and speed of cargo delivery.

Перевозка контейнеров

Types of cargo

  • Unpackaged bulk materials
  • Construction materials
  • Industrial equipment
  • Furniture and appliances

Main customers

  • Wholesale trading companies
  • Food producers
  • Retail chains


We have road vehicles with container platforms that allow us to deliver 20-foot and 40-foot containers.

Uncovered platform
(container handling vehicle)
  • Internal length: 12,6 m
  • Internal width: 2,5 m
  • Carrying capacity: 25 tons

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