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Magistral transport DAF Trucks

10 new DAF XF trucks for Magistral Transport

Magistral Transport has ordered 10 DAF XF SUPER SPACE trucks for its International FTL operations.

Based on the excellent reliability, safety equipment and fuel efficiency, we decided to add DAF trucks to our growing fleet. All the rest of the new trucks will be put into operation between November and December 2021

DAF surpassed our expectations because it offers low CO2 emissions, thanks to the introduction of the New XF which sets a new standard in fuel efficiency.

At the same time, we want to offer our drivers the best comfort possible for which reason we have chosen the luxurious Super Space Cab versions.

system BiReg

System BiReg

All transport and forwarding companies performing international road transport (including transit), as well as cabotage transport, are required to register in the BiREG system by the end of January 2021. The registration obligation was also imposed on Hungarian carriers.


Registration is quite easy (interface in English) - you only need to create an account for only one person from the company. After creating an account and logging into the system, drivers should be added. In addition, when registering a company, you must provide the following information:

➡️ carrier's license number,

➡️ company name,

➡️ company details (country, postal code, city, address),

➡️ e-mail address, telephone number

➡️ you must provide your company ID and password. (From now on, all registered company users will have to enter the company ID provided here in addition to their own username.)

The obligation to register applies to entities that perform international road transport (and cabotage) for trucks with a GVM of more than 3.5 tons, and in the case of transport for their own needs, the reporting obligation applies to vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of more than 7.5 tons. Registration is made by ONE authorized employee or a person from the management. The company must be registered by January 31st.

Then, each driver entering Hungary or the haulier has to fill in the details of each transport operation at anytime:

➡️ before entering and leaving the country,

➡️ during unloading or loading in Hungary.

Until the end of January, penalties will not be imposed for the lack of registration and applications. From February 1, 2021, a mass inspection of carriers should be taken into account - failure to register in the system will be treated as an unauthorized delivery, for which a fine of HUF 800,000 (PLN 10,100) is imposed. No reports regarding the place of loading and unloading will cost 300,000 HUF (3,800 PLN). Public authorities have the power to seize the vehicle in the event of non-payment of the fine and also in the event of repeated breaches of notification obligations. The shippers are obliged to check each time that the carrier is registered in the system - if there is no notification, they are obliged to refuse to load. Repeated failure to register or incorrect use of the system may result in a total ban on the Hungarian freight market.

Magistral transport Warsaw department

New branch in Warsaw

We are pleased to announce that we have just opened a new branch of the company in Warsaw.

Our new branch address:

st. lucka 15, PL 00-842, Warsaw, Poland

The Warsaw branch is part of the company and by contacting it you will be able to use all the services that are currently available, in particular:

- express delivery of goods with weight up to 1 ton.

- road transportation of standard cargo

- road transportation of partial and dangerous goods

We will be glad to see you among our clients.
Our goal is to provide you with a service that will exceed your expectations!

Truck and van control in Spain photo

Spanish authorities are stepping up van checks throughout the country

This week, an inspection campaign is being conducted on vans in Spain. The campaign is carried out by the General Directorate for Traffic (DGT) and local police forces. 

Yesterday in Spain, the campaign aimed at increased bus checks started. It concerns primarily on goods transport vehicles. The actions are carried out on the initiative of the General Directorate for Traffic (DGT). Checks are also carried out by the police, according to the Spanish media.

The services focus primarily on the following:

– vehicle and driver documents,

– cargo securing,

– technical condition of the vehicle, in particular, the tyres,

– check for the presence of prohibited substances in the driver’s body.

The aim of the campaign is to increase road safety in the country. Last year, delivery vehicles were involved in around 11,000 accidents, with 234 fatalities. This represents around 13% of all fatalities in 2018.

Ист. Transinfo

Night-time ban on parking trucks in a Belgian parking lot. Because local people are scared

In view of the large increase in the number of immigrants trying to enter the UK illegally by truck, the governor of the Belgian province of Liège has imposed a night-time ban on one of the parking lots.

Last week, the Belgian province of Liège issued a decree prohibiting parking at the Aire de Tignée parking lot in Barchon near Soumagne at E40/E42 (routes leading to Calais and Dunkirk). The ban applies to vehicles over 3.5 tonnes and is in force between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m., according to local media reports.

The reason for this measure is the growing number of immigrants trying to get to the British Isles by truck. The ban was introduced at the request of the mayors of Blegny and Soumagne – Marc Bolland and Benjamin Houete. The authorities and the inhabitants of both towns are concerned about the presence of refugees trying to break into trucks.