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Склад в Хелме


Chelm (Poland)

Magistral transport

The warehouse in Chelm is primarily a center for transshipment of international cargo flows. The warehouse is in high demand among customers from Poland, the European Union and Ukraine.
There is a temporary storage warehouse, a customs warehouse and a customs agency on the territory.

An additional advantage of the warehouse is its location, the warehouse is located in Helm, 20 km away. from the largest border crossing of the EU (Dorohusk – Jagodin), thanks to which it plays an important role in the implementation of foreign economic activity of Poland and Ukraine.

  • Chelm → Dorokhuisk / Yagodin 20 km
  • Chelm → Hrebenne / Rava Russian 100 km
  • Chelm → Korcova / Krakovets 140 km
Warehouse services:
  • loading and unloading operations;
  • shelving storage;
  • cross-docking;
  • floor storage of oversized cargo;
  • batch accounting and shipment;
  • palletizing / unpalletizing;
  • film already (additional packaging in stretch film);

From the warehouse, transport is regularly sent both with a full load and transporting combined cargoes (all kinds of “pieces”, “particles”) to Ukraine, Belarus and Armenia.