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Склад Китай – Гуанчжоу


China – Guangzhou

Magistral transport

The company has its own warehouse in Guangzhou and well-developed logistics corridors for all types of delivery from China to the EU and CIS countries.

When performing various trade operations with Chinese suppliers, companies from the EU and CIS countries are in need of warehouses where they can store goods, carry out warehouse operations that include: cargo acceptance, packaging and repacking of cargo, consolidation and other necessary operations.

Cargo storage

The responsible storage service allows our clients to use the permanent address of our warehouse in Guangzhou in shipping documents for suppliers with subsequent delivery of goods and their processing in accordance with the stated instructions from the client.

Cargo consolidation

In addition to the storage service, we offer a service for consolidating (combining) several cargoes into one, which is especially beneficial when sending bulk cargoes and combining bulky goods with heavy loads – this helps to optimize transport costs during further transportation.

The warehouse regularly sends transport both with a full load and carrying bulk cargo: