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New Jersey Warehouse


USA - New Jersey

Magistral transport

Magistral Transport has a warehouse in the USA – New Jersey, where we offer all possible types of warehouse services. Our clients get to use a fully equipped, guarded warehouse for any volume of cargo: from one box to several containers and bulky cargo

When performing various trade operations in the USA, companies from the EU and CIS countries are in need of warehouses where they can store goods, carry out warehouse operations that include: cargo acceptance, packaging and repacking of cargo, consolidation and other necessary operations.

Cargo storage

The service of responsible storage of goods allows you to use a permanent American address in shipping documents for suppliers with subsequent delivery of goods and their processing in accordance with the stated instructions from the client.

Cargo consolidation

In addition to the storage service, we offer a service for consolidating (combining) several cargoes into one, which is especially beneficial when sending bulk cargoes and combining bulky goods with heavy loads – this helps to optimize transport costs during further transportation.

Cargo packaging

In cases when the cargo packed by the supplier does not guarantee the safety of the goods during transportation, or the packaging does not meet the standards of transportation by air or sea, has a lot of empty space inside, we recommend repacking the cargo to ensure greater safety of the cargo and reduce the cost of paying for the bulk weight.

Shipment of goods from a warehouse in the USA